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Shrooms AND TRUFFLES - FACTS What are magic mushrooms and truffles? Shrooms is a collective term for different types of mushrooms with mind-altering or hallucinogenic effect. Some truffles these hallucinogenic effects also. Truffles grow underground. Examples: Psilocybe semilanceata, the Bald cup (mushroom) Cubensis, Mexican (mushroom) Copelandia cyanescens, Hawaiian (mushroom) Tampanensis (truffle) Magic mushrooms were sold in smart shops. Mushrooms are now banned. They are on list 2 of the Opium Act. Grow Kits with traces of mushrooms have been legally available, especially via the INTERNET. Today truffles are sold as a replacement for magic mushrooms. Truffles are legal. The active substances in mushrooms and truffles are prohibited. Included on list 1 of the Opium Act. The most commonly used is the Mexican magic mushrooms. These give many people the most pleasant effects.   The mushrooms and truffles contain substances that work the brains in a different way. The active ingredients include psilocin and psilocybin. In mushrooms and truffles are the same active substances. They change the experience of reality. Space, time, environment, feelings and perception otherwise polite. The strong varies by species and by mushrooms or truffles. It is a natural product, therefore, in the one mushrooms are more active substances than in the other of the same kind. How are mushrooms and truffles used? Magic mushrooms - Psilocybe cubensis You can use it in different ways. Most PEOPLE they just eat. You can also make tea or process them in a dish. There are also, for example chocolate bars with mushrooms incorporated. Usually you start to feel the effect after a half-hour or hour. If you have a full stomach can take longer. If you put tea, you can notice it a little earlier, the effect is even more intense. Combine with chocolate can also give a more intense effect. The duration of action is between 3 and 8 hours. The detection in blood and urine is 24 hours. The impact and severity of the trip depends on your dose and personal sensitivity. You can feel the effect in waves. One minute it is heavier than the other time. The mind-altering effects are often alternate in the trip, see operation mushrooms. mushroom


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